My Experience with ADHD in School

Problems I faced when I was in school with ADHD


July 30, 2020

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I have always symptoms with ADHD but was never formally diagnosed until I was in sophomore year of highschool. I have always had massive issues paying attention to anything that I am not too interested in, this was especially prevalent in school where I didn't really have a particular interest in. 

In highschool it was still bearable because when I would get distracted and miss out on some information, the topic was simple enough for me to figure out what I missed and piece together the logic. But when I moved to college, the topic was alot more difficult and piecing together the information I missed became significantly harder. I had to put in alot more work than the average person to achieve decent grades. 

I was also given meds when I was in high school for my ADHD but I took as little as I can due to the side-effects it caused. My mood would be fluctuating like a roller coaster and the effects on my heart is unclear in the long term. Despite these side effects I still took the meds because it would really help me get my stuff done. 

When I moved to college, I decided to stop taking the meds because I felt like I was being dependent on them to get work done and I didn't want to take them for the rest of my life. I decided that I had to deal with my ADHD in a relatively more healthy and sustainable way. I discovered that drinking coffee and taking the meds had a surprisingly similar effect although a bit less intense. The transition off the meds into coffee worked very well for me. 

I also discovered that taking notes although knowing that I probably won't look at it again helped as well. Taking notes during class forced my brain to stay on the topic instead of drifting off. Ill admit, sometimes I get too lazy too hehe.

These small techniques I have learned personally helped me focus better, but when compared to the normal engineer student, my attention span is still way behind. This is probably why I am still struggling so much in college. 

I also have alot of things that I am good at that may be caused by my ADHD. I am trying to spend less time on school and more time on those things to take advantage of my condition. My grades may suffer a bit but who said school is the only way to success?

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