The grass is greener on the other side

A Lesson on being Content


July 26, 2020

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Like everyone else, I have had many frustrations in life. Thinking back on many of them I have noticed many commonalities and many of them root to completely pointless reasons.

For example, this summer before I found an internship I was upset I wasn't doing anything and wasting my summer. Thinking of my friends working for a day and feeling amazing for being productive after work made me feel worse. Soon later I also found an internship and worked full time. I achieved what I was strived for, I spent my days being productive and doing things that are more meaningful instead of wasting time. 

But I was equally upset as before I found the internship.

Now, I spend my days doing what I consider to be productive but I also start imagining how easy and relaxing my life would be if I had spent my time not interning. 

Another example is in trading stocks. You would expect me to be happy when making money and upset when losing money. But no, I was equally, if not, more upset when I made money as to when I lost money. When I made money I would be upset at not putting in more money because I could have made more money. And when I put in more money, I would be upset for not putting in even MORE money. 

The commonalities in these two stories is that I would be upset no matter what choice I made. Its a catch 22. No matter what I did, I would always be upset about what I could have done. Its like an endless loop exactly like the story of the cow who thought the grass is greener on the other side. 

After thinking about this and doing some reading, I came up with a three-step solution. 

   - Set a goal 

   - Try to achieve it 

   - Be content with the outcome

I am still working on these three points personally. If anyone has any similar experience or solutions that have worked, feel free to comment :).

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